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A little bit about me.............

Hello.........first of all thanks for having a look through my website and my jewellery.  This website is just a little sample of my work as it is currently under construction and I will be gradually building it up.  

My main page can be found on

I first started making silver jewellery as a hobby doing various courses and getting lots of practice.  It very quickly became a real passion and I absolutely love the whole process of designing and making a piece of silver is so satisfying to create something beautiful from a sheet of metal and a coil of wire.

I get inspiration from all sorts of things, in particular nature and I am very fond of little birds and creatures.  I have a background in art and studied Applied Arts at Hertfordshire University, and I have also illustrated a few children's books, so I think I get various influences from all these different areas.  My pieces of jewellery are all designed and handmade by me using the traditional silver smithing processes of good old elbow grease and lots of hammers!  I enjoy creating imaginative, artistic and unusual pieces that are beautiful to wear.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to find out more.

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